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2008 vs 2009 Pricing

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i know most of you guys don't like talking about the next years taco's but i was going to order this may and i thought i might as well order an 09 instead of the 08 so it won't be a year old before i get it... so i was wondering if you guys knew if the 09 should be about the same price as the 08's

thanks much
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What exactly do you mean by about the same price? You already know they are going up you are just curious to how much. Personally, don't worry about how much just realize that you are going to have more bargaining power when talking price of an '08 versus an '09. Seriously, if you thought a dealership was out to screw you on a brand new truck, you better be ready for them to try to bend you over their desk for an '09. Just my $.02
i'd just go for an 08 for the bargaining power, not to mention who knows if they crammed more crap on there that is more of a burden than anything else(06 saw the addition of tire pressure sensors, 07's have a different kind of tpms system that doesn't allow it to be disabled, 08's have a seat belt chime, etc.)
not to mention, dealerships love it when someone has it set in their mind that they want the newest model year, it gives them the advantage.
thanks for the help, i guess i still got some time, may is still 3 months away so i guess i'll worry about that when it comes... i was just wondering if they were going to be the same price or if the price would increase
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an 09 in feb. if you can wait till may to order an 09 that won't get delivered until late summer, then you may as well wait till next nov or dec when dealers love to deal because sales are sucky that time of year
I bought my 06 after the 07's came out and the MSRP went up around $300. Then when my pops went in to buy his new tacoma like mine about 3 months ago, he tried using the price I paid to see if they would do it and they said the price increases $300-400/yr so they would give em a "real good deal" and only charge him $600 more than what I paid. He walked out. So, assuming they weren't just blowing smoke (highly possible), $300/yr increase in MSRP.
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