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Hey guys,

The last little while, i've had the car simply shut off on me. I cleaned the battery terminals and all was well. Two weeks later, the dashboard starts to flicker while driving.
While doing a three point turn, or reverse park and cranking the wheel to the left or to the right, the headlights dim slightly and the power steering shuts off completely. You need to turn the car off/on again and the power steering comes back on.

Noticed the positive cable terminal was loose, so i tried removing it while the car was running and the power steering would kick on/off upon removal. Tried replacing the terminal and there is still the dashboard flickering, hopefully power steering doesn't kick off again.

When it does go off, the car still runs and there are no dashboard error codes etc...

Really stumped, any suggestions.... recently replaced the alternator with a rebuilt one.

How to verify if it's the electronic steering column or module?
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