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2009 Camry - 225/15/17????

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Getting new tires on a 2009 Camry SE. Everything is stock. The stock 215/55/17's are kinda expensive. Seems like the 225's are cheaper.

Will these fit with no problems or are they too wide?

Any recommendations on tire type? Yokohama? Falkin? BFG?

Thanks in advance.

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225 will be fine. you can look into falken 912, they are pretty good tire with great price. Their 225/ 215 is about the same price.
They'll fit with no problems, but your speedometer will be slightly off. The prices of the two sizes are similar. I can't really recommend a tire type without know what you're looking for meaning all weather, summer only, winter only, etc.
I had the Falken 912's they only lasted me 15k . They still had some thread left, but they just got way too noisy. I have some Michellin mxv4 now, they have a great ride feels like a luxury car now. Look on you can compare tires, and read reviews.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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