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2009 highlander sport alarm not going off

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Hello, im new to this forums.

I recently purchased a 2009 highlander sport. Does the sport trim come with alarm? I noticed that when i lock the doors with the keyfob, and then try opening the door from inside, the alarm does not go off.
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My 2008 Highlander Sport did not come with an alarm. It has PATS and an emergency "hold-to-alert" button on the fob.
update, just found out i have to wait 30 seconds for alarm to arm. I just tested it and the alarm works.
Oh, interesting. Now that you mention it, it does appear there is a factor alarm. ;) Very obnoxious sound too.

Doesn't seem like it is set off by proximity or jostling of the car, though.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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