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Hello, Corolla nation! I'm an owner of a 2009 LE and brought the car to an auto stereo installer to put in Pioneer door speakers and wire a heating pad to the fuse box. Afterward, the instrument panel doesn't light up. None of the gauges and meters illuminate at night, yet the center panel still lights up for heating and a/c. I had the installer run check on all fuses and every fuse is fine. A service advisor at the local dealership says the instrument and center panel share the same fuse, so he rules out a bad fuse, but he's not sure and suggests having a $180/ hour tech check it.

I'm like let me get back to you. Has this happened to anyone else and is the instrument panel toast? Will I have to solder LED bulbs or have to buy a new dashboard system from Toyota and installed through the dealership. The latter option is expensive and timely under its odometer replacement program. I was under the impression I could just replace a few bulbs since the gauges and meters still work?!

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I had the same difficulty With my 2007 Toyota. Instrument panel lights flashing. Gauges dropped. I checkered my negative battery had a Lil corrosion. I changed unenthusiastic cable haven't had a problem since. It's been 2 months. Expect this helps鈥︹
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