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2009 jbl amplifier wiring diagram

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Hello fellow Toyota owners. I am trying to locate a 2009 (digital) amplifier wiring diagram. I own a 2009 Venza and plan to upgrade with a jbl head unit and use a 2009 digital highlander jbl amp (because of the speaker setup in my base non-jbl Venza). Any help would be appreciated. I've spent hours researching this with no luck.
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It is OK to upgrade to a JBL head Unit on your new venza. If you are planning to upgrade to amp, you will def need new speakers too.
Now, it may be a headache to re-wire a Dsp highlander Jbl amp into your vehicle since the highlander amp and the venza wiring are different
venza amp is for 13 speakers 600w Vs. highlander amp is 7 speakers 400w.
(imagine what a mess in a new car for you dealing with wiring)
Venza speaker location are 6x9 in the front and 6.5 in the rear.. While the jbl'd one will have an arranged set of tweeters even in the rear quater panel top mounted n even in the dash, for a total of 12 + sub
MY recommendation :
1) Upgrade the Radio to the JBL one. (Not needed if you use a sound processor)
2) Add a sound processor (EQ)... Kicker KQ9 will do a good job thru the high level input from factory radio.. and place it on your glove.
3) Get some 4ch Digital amp ( ALpine make some good ones pdx.100, pdx.f4 , f6 etc) and place it under the passenger seat.
4) Upgrade your front speakers 6x9 to your preference (matching amp)
5) Upgrade the rear with COMPONENT 6.5 and place your small tweeter in rear top.

Subwoofer setup leave it at your preference:
If you are constrained with space . place a Blaupunkt Thb 200A amplified subwoofer
underneath driver seat . (will fit right in there) .
Otherwise, pick a preference sub-amp combo . and place the amp under driver seat.

Good luck , with advice !!!
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