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Hey there,

I am new to this site and have been looking through a lot of the forums trying to get some answers to a few questions regarding the audio system in the RAV4 and ways to improve it

I am going to be taking delivery of a 2009 RAV4 V6 Sport. It has the regular 6 disc changer without the nav. I have been debating on whether to purchase the nav system and have it installed by the dealership. I have a Garmin already but I am enticed by the cleanliness of having an in dash nav system. The question it worth the $1600 installed cost?

I know that the Limited version offers the JBL upgrade and has 9 speakers instead of the regular 6. I am curious as to whether a non-JBL RAV4 has the cutouts for the other speakers and if they can be installed without using the JBL head unit. I am also considering purchasing the JBL head unit if installation will not be a nightmare.

My dealer is a good guy...just not that informed on all of this stuff.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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