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2009 Taco Bilstein Off-road pkg 4 sale

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Selling the stock-bits off my Taco. Taken me a while to get around to it... bu here's the listing.
Have the rear-leafs someplace (Heavy-stuff is at Landrover Roaring Fork), have front springs, front and rear shocks, front bumper (mica grey?) w/fogs, and some stock tires (from the Off-road pkg). Everthing has around 1000 miles on... clean and not abused. Truck is an ARB-kitted truck (i'm a photographer who works for them) and i ditched the stock-stuff right out of the gate.
Drop me a note if you want any specific photos of anything, or if you have any specific questions!


[email protected]

can't figure out how to post photos on here w/o hosting them online someplace (and they're not hosted anywhere)... so just email and i'll send pics to you pronto!
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