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If Martians came down to earth today and asked you what a car is, you might try to explain to them that it has four doors and wheels and an engine. Or you could just show them a Toyota Corolla.

For 40 years now Toyota has been building the Corolla and with all the success it has had doing so, we're likely to see Corollas on the road for another 40 years. The reason is that the Corolla defines the term "car."

This point was made all the more obvious when we tested a base model 2009 Corolla. The only real option on this model was the automatic transmission, which brings the asking price from $15,350 up to $16,150.

All-new for '09, we thought this would be a great way to really tell what improvements have been made to the car without any distractions from the optional bells and whistles.

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I saw a video of the 2009 Camry ( just put some 20" and dark tint, it can definitely be a youthful car. Usually when people think of Camry or corolla they think old, and its not true. The interior is pretty nice too. Check out the video, its hard not to like this car.
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