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Hey, I have heard a scrape coming from the front left wheel of my 2009 Toyota Matrix XRS (217,000 km, no recent work done) while driving. It's a really loud metal on metal type scraping noise, and is rotational (if that makes sense). It occurs both while driving and braking, and seems a bit more pronounced when turning right as opposed to left. The noise is not always present, and seems to show up and go away randomly. I looked at the brake pads and they seem to have quite a bit of material left (didn't measure but they were thick). I also checked the dust plate for any debris caught in there and could not find any, and I pushed it back to make sure it was not contacting the rotor. I spun the wheel while the car was up and could not replicate the noise, and I tested the wheel for play at the 12 and 6 position but could not find anything.

I hope this is descriptive enough. Any suggestions on where to look next? I am wondering if it is a CV or bushing? I am leaning towards wheel bearing or seized pin in the brake calliper. I am gonna do a full look at the brake tomorrow to see if it is the latter but I am more open to suggestions.

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