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We started noticing that the auto A/C was blowing warmer on the driver's side back in June so we brought it in to the dealership and they confirmed the system was .3 lbs low on Freon so they recharged it and added dye to help detect where the leak was. It was OK until the beginning of November so we brought it back in and were told they found a leak coming from the expansion valve o-rings and they needed to be replaced and the system recharged once again. A month later and the issue has arisen once again so we brought it back to the dealership and they found the system a little low on Freon once again and recharged it and put in dye as well.

They ran the A/C for a while to see where it was leaking once again. They are now saying that the evaporator, expansion valve and drier all need to be replaced and the cost is about $2600! This is after we have already paid about $600 for the other diagnosis and repair visits. This sounds outrageous but the service person who I spoke too and have trusted for many years told me the majority of the cost is labor as the dash has to be removed. Not being a mechanic I’m not sure if this is true or not but the cost seems outrageous. The vehicle only has about 65k miles on it so this is very disappointing! Any help would be appreciated.
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