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About a year ago, my camry started to have some glitchy issues with the bluetooth. I'd have to turn the car off, then on to get it to reconnect on occasion. Other times, if I turned my phone on and off, it'd connect to the bluetooth. Eventually, it stopped connecting altogether.

When it started not connecting at all, I tried to delete the phone from the car memory, then set the entire bluetooth connection up from the start again. Occasionally, that'd help and it'd work for a day or so, but eventually even that stopped working.

Now, I can't even attempt to set up the phone connection to the bluetooth. Pushing the button on the steering wheel to set up the bluetooth does nothing. When I push the input button on the radio, bluetooth audio isn't even an option. The phone pick up and hang up buttons on the steering wheel do nothing. It's like my car literally forgot that it ever had bluetooth and attempted to erase that it was ever an option.

The one trace memory of it having bluetooth is there is a "msg" box on the radio screen that I think at one point would tell me if my phone had a text.

Anyone ever experience this before? It seems to me like a fuse has burned out or the radio shorted out.
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