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2010 Camry LE 3 Audio questions

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I have the non JBL standard 6 speaker system in the car I just bought. I searched the forums but since these questions are kinda specific I didnt find anything very helpful. (apologize if i missed something)

Before I had a 2003 Malibu and just a few months ago had a new Sony Xplod CDX-GT640UI deck put in it mainly because it has an ipod port where I can control my ipod with a remote and it displays the songs right on the stereo (aux wont do that).

I didnt know then I would be buying a better car this soon- but due to circumstances I did.

I also have a pair of 4 way pioneer 6X9 rear speakers from a few years ago I had installed in the Malibu- model TS-A6981R.

So here are my 3 questions before I have best buy try to install these in my wonderful new Toyota (and forgive me for being a bit ignorant)

1) Does anyone know if this stereo will fit in this type of car with no issues - and if it looks "bad" if it can be installed compared to the stock stereo?

2)Also will the steering wheel volume control still work with a non factory stereo? ( my guess is it wouldn't)

3) Will these type of speakers fit into a 2010 Camry and if so are they really an upgrade on the stock rear speakers?

Im afraid the non-stock radio wont look as nice in the car but its so much safer and nicer to be able to control my ipod with a remote and have the names of the songs right on the radio.
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1) radio will fit fine as long as you have the dash kit for your new car, any after market stereo will not look as clean as the stock radio.

2) For the steering wheel control you will need an extra device its called a PAC something which will enable you to use the controls.

3) not sure how good the stock le speakers are since i have the jbl system. maybe someone can chime in here.
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ipod add on ?

Thank you very much for that info- I thought about just having the ipod addon installed but I didnt see it as an available feature to add on the toyota site and I read somewhere that it doesnt work right as far as controlling the ipod so they dont offer it anymore? any truth to that?
I did find the PAC you mentioned:
Product Description
  • iPod® interface for select factory Toyota, Scion, and Lexus radios. Full iPod® browsing supported from the factory radio. Browse iPod® by: Playlist, Artist, Genre, Album, and Composer. Also supports uPAC-HDRT for adding HD Radio™ to the vehicle.

Product Features

  • Plug-and-play installation maintains factory wiring integrity
  • Full iPod® browsing from the radio and steering wheel controls
  • Secondary input for an additional auxiliary audio source
  • HD Radio™ ready - upgradable with uPAC-HDRT
Does anyone own this and can confirm it works as advertised with the ipod on a 2010 camry with just the standard radio system?
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or has anyone seen one of these and know if it works better?
Strange under 2010 camry extra options/features I couldnt find this but on a seperate google search I found on toyotas site:

Mine just has an am/sat button and no xm mentioned on it so I assume mine is just "satellite ready" and thus compatible - not sure I would want to spend this much though- posting all this anyways in case anyone has similiar question and wants to do a search- anyone please feel free to express your experience with having any of these options installed in your 2010 camry
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