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I'm a new 2010 Land Cruiser owner. I have the nav system from Toyota but, of course, it cannot be operated when moving. In all of my previous nav units, I have been able to simply ground the parking brake to override the safety feature of having to come to a complete stop in order to change destinations on the fly.

I have heard of two methods: installation of a Speed Pulse Generator (SPG) and the making of a hybrid nav disc (by adding in a 5.1 version loader and reburning my 9.1 disc). I hear that due to hardware changes to the 2010's Nav system, the dis method no longer works. Is this true? Is there any other way? I REALLY don't want to open the dash, but I will if I have to.


(**disclaimer** the is for the use of the passenger. As parents of three small kids, we have no interest in killing ourselves by playing with it as the driver)

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From what I know you can't override the system anymore as of 2010. I think once Toyota heard about things people were doing they cut all bypass options off. Good luck.......
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