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2010 Plat Seq...gear shifting noise...

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anyone else had this problem? When driving and the engine shifts from 1st to 2nd, there is a distinct 'clunk' that you can hear, and feel in the pedals.

It doesn't happen 'every' time, but a lot of the time and is hard to duplicate. Dealership has never heard of the problem, just wondering if I'm the only one???

My husband drove it today and for the first time he experienced it, said it sounded like a rubberband breaking but could feel the vibration in the gas pedal.

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YES! Same issue!

My 2010 Camry is doing the EXACT same thing - and getting worse. I've had it to the dealership twice, both times they told me they couldn't produce the noise. This last time I got my car back, drove 10 feet, and it made the noise. I went back, put them in the car with me and it did it over and over. They finally had to admit to hearing it.

The dealership then told me it was the "8mph self diagnostic test" and there was nothing to be done. In fact, they told me the vehicle was "operating as expected" despite their admittance of never hearing this in any other vehicle.

I again reminded them it was getting worse, they told me they would mention it in their MONTHLY call to Toyota. They gave me my car back and attempted to reassure me there was NOTHING wrong with my car.

As soon as I left I called Toyota customer service, awaiting a return call from a representative. We'll see how that goes......

Did you ever find a resolve to your issue?
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