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I drove my Camry last about a day and a half ago and my battery is completely dead. I have left interior lights or glovebox light on for longer than this without issue.

What would drain it so quickly all-of-a-sudden.

I put my tricle charger on for about 2.5 hours and barely got the dome light to illuminate, I try to start the card and it clicks and lights go super dim.

I have it charging still and will try in the morning and hopefully it will be fully charged again.

I have also tried googling a new battery and find nothing. I watched a video on replacing the battery so I could find it's location to charge it. It has two special plugs on the battery, one vent tube to exhaust battery fumes outside and a second that seems to be some sort of sensor for the computer (I assume).

I seen in a google search that a battery was $375 back in 2012. I seen mine is made by Panasonic the post was about a Panasonic battery as well.

Does Panasonic only make these batteries? If not, what is a good and reasonably priced replacement.

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If this is your original battery you need to replace it. This is not a rocket science.

Make sure you buy the battery for you specific car so the terminals will be on the same side. Red goes to red. Black goes to black. Pay particular attention to this so you will not reverse colors.

Good luck,
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