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Hello, SiennaChat. My mom's 2011 base 4 cylinder Sienna has recently started having fueling problems. The pump shuts off every few seconds, sometimes overflowing. Takes a half hour to full up completely.

Ive been researching and read that a common cause is the vent tube / valve becoming clogged, normally with insects nesting inside. Ive tried to look for that underneath the vehicle, but was unable to find it. Another potential cause I read about is the anti-rollover check valve becoming stuck.

One last thing I read about is the evap / charcoal canister, which filters out gas fumes that are vented from the tank . I was able to locate the canister, but wasn't able to figure out anything further. (To whomever may be looking for theirs, it's roughly under the drivers seat position, Ive attached a picture of mine, since I wasn't able to find one online)

Id like to be able to solve this problem by myself, if possible. Since Ive hit a brick wall, I figured this would be the correct place to ask. Ive attached some schematics of the 2011 fuel system I was able to find. Appreciate it, Nick.


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