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Hi guys

I want to start off with some intro about me. My name is Franki and I'm a automotive technician by day, a detailer by night. I love keeping my cars pristine. I like to share some of my knowledge with you all and hope to see some shiny FRS and BRZ on the road soon!!

I went and test drove the FRS in Baltimore MD and I felt in love with it!! yes I drove 4 hrs from NJ to drive it!!

anyways back to topic...

I have a 2011 STI in for Minor correction + Aquartz. This Subaru was the most challenging paint I ever dealt with, the clearcoat just sucks whatever polish I lay on it. I used Menz Powerfinish, superfinish, and AF Rejuvenate, but none of them worked. After 2 hrs of testing, I found baby oil does the trick with Menz powerfinish and Uber green polishing pad. This was not a full paint correction, but the owner really wanted something to aid his washing, so he chose to have Aquartz applied.

here is a video and pictures of what was done!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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