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I have a 2011 Tundra and recently my key has been getting stuck in the ignition when I'm turning the vehicle off. It turns off but gets stuck on the next to last position. I have tot urn the key back and forth and move the shifter and even bang on the wheel to get it to come out. I've tried a new key which didn't work. I had a locksmith come and pull the ignition, and he had it turning fine after he got it out. He said it wasn't the tumbler, but possibly the solenoid or even something loose with the column shifter. He said when he started it and left it in park it came right out but once he shifted out of and back into park it locked up. Does anybody know what it might be, and if so, what can I do about it or do I need to bring it in?

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Most vehicles have an interlock system to prevent you from removing the key if the gear shift isn't in Park, or move the shifter if key isn't in.
Usually there's a switch somewhere in the shifter assy to tell it it's in Park.
That switch controls a solenoid that does the lock/unlocking.
Frequently wear in the shifter assy makes the switch not line up correctly, so the system won't work. Some vehicles have a mechanical override, IDK about the Tundra does.
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