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Hi All,

My girlfriend and I are the proud owner of an EU-spec Yaris II 1.0 with steering wheel controls (Audio - Left, Phone - Right (which doesnt do anything as the car doesn't have bluetooth).

It's our first Toyota and we love it. We considered buying an Aygo at first (which is Toyota's version of a road going go-kart in EU) but ended up with a Yaris. Although it is our second car used mainly for going down to the shop and back we would like to upgrade the radio for a 7" 2Din example mainly for the support of bluetooth phone, and although I am not too worried about the install of that, I do wonder if the steering wheel controls will still work.

This is the unit I have in mind:

Now unfortunately I have been doing quite a lot of research but can't find the answer. Hoping you guys can help me out! For me the steering wheel controls being functional are key in upgrading to a unit like this, else I will keep the existing radio :) .
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