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First post: Connecting 2012 Corolla steering wheel controls to aftermarket radio through ASWC adapter. 2012 has 28 pin connector with steering wheel controls on pins 21,22,23. Look for the beige, pink, and light blue wires. In this Corolla there was a set of small holes under each connector pin. By trial and error found that pins from an old IDE hard disk fit into the small holes and make contact. Test with a ohmmeter to check for contact and that the resistance changes when steering wheel buttons are pressed.

SW1 to SWG and SW2 to SWG 100kohms switch open

ASWC green/orange to pin 21 beige (SW1) seek/vol ,
ASWC black /green to pin 22 pink (SW2) mode,
ASWC black, to ground and pin 23 light blue (SWG)

The green/orange can be easily confused with the orange/green wire, and then none of the buttons works. Can figure this out by watching the flashes after resetting the ASWC.

It is possible to get the steering wheel buttons connected without cutting into the factory wires. Other computer or electronic boards might have similar pins to the IDE[email protected]/7382428808/ hard disk connector to plug in to small openings in Toyota 28 pin connector without cutting. wrapped with tape after testing.

Have tried to post embedded photos but they're not showing.....
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