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2012 HL non- JLB radio issue

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My head unit has a issue with the front left channel volume going up for a 10-20 seconds and then going down to set volume again.
This happens with the radio and when streaming music thru bluetooth. Sometimes its lasts 5-10 seconds, sometimes longer or shorter.
This is the left front door and left front dash speakers only. When this happens I can hear the music is somewhat distorted compared to the right front speakers. It does not do it to the back door speakers or the right channel at all.
This is driving me crazy and I hope it is not my headunit going up.
Any help on what could be causing this or if anyone else has had this issue.
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Is it only coming from the woofer on the door or the dash speaker or both?
Both dash and door speakers.
I was hoping that was not the case.
any one that upgraded their non-JLB head unit have a head unit for sale that i could just do a head unit swap.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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