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2012 Rav4 Manual Mode Door Troubleshooting? Question on brakes

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Going to be working on a 2012 Toyota RAV4. The owner told me the switch was stuck so he turned it real hard and it came loose. Since then all he has is defrost for his mode. I tried to look for a search button on my mobile device but I could not find one.

What I'm trying to figure out is what do I need to check to determine whether the switch is ruined, a controller for the Mode door actuator if Toyota has them, or is it the Mode door actuator? Is there any wiring diagrams available on this site or any other sites? Are there any known tsb's related to this? This was the best information I could glean from the owner of the vehicle as he has limited English-speaking capabilities as he is still learning English. He Speaks Nepali so his English is broken but I was able to determine that when you move the Mode door actuator knob on the dash it doesn't change anything.

The question regarding brakes is I'm wondering is there anything special or particular I need to look out for as I will be putting new rotors and pads on all the way around as this is a vehicle with 90,000 miles. I don't believe in turning rotors when the cost of turning rotors is doing their 2/3 the cost of a rotor these days or half and some instances depending on the rotor.

I can look up the torque specs online I just didn't know if there was anything else special I needed to look out for.

I will be doing an additional post for a 2013 model to install rear view camera on a aftermarket radio so if anyone reading this thread can help me with that one please reply there as well. Thanks in advance for all the information everyone
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You should be able to down load the repair manual like I did online at this site for torque specs.

Sometimes the rotor is rusted and is difficult to remove. There are two holes on the rotor you can put a bolt to loosen the rotor. The size is 8mm x 1.25

I would replace the rotor also since a thin one can warp due to too much heat.
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