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Every couple of times I use my Bluetooth paired to my phone to make phone calls the sound comes through as a weird rumbling when the other person talks, on their end I’ve been told they hear loud squeaking sounds.

Turning off my car and restarting it and allowing the Bluetooth to reconnect to my phone sometimes works to fix it. Other times I have to restart it multiple times and it still doesn’t work. It shows that it’s connected on the screen and the phone call appears on the screen as if I’m connected properly but I can’t hear the person on the other end (just the rumbling) and they hear the horrible squeak. Sometimes it immediately connects properly and works just fine. I just recently got a new phone (iPhone XS) but this happened with my old phone (iPhone 7) as well so I’m convinced it’s a car, not phone, issue.

I have tried deleting and reconnecting my phone from the car, clearing the personal data from the “General” setup menu, and turning on and off the Bluetooth on my actual phone. It’s worth mentioning that the issue is only with the connectivity of phone calls. Even when the phone calls are making weird sounds/not working, music can still be played via Bluetooth and Bluetooth audio works fine for podcasts, accessing my music library on my phone, etc.

Anyone know what I can do to fix this? It’s very annoying :(
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