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Howdy Nation! 2013 Sequoia (Canadian) has intermittent starting issues. Will crank, crank, crank and quit. Or: start then immediately kill. Or: will start then kill when put in gear. Happened 3 days in a row, then hasn't happened since. Seems to respond if you take key out and wait a few mins. It runs great once started. No sputter, surges or anything of the like.

Details: Platinum, Fortin Key-Override-All remote start, 78000 miles, "good" gas or additive used every 6-8 weeks, Oil changes on the regular.

What we've checked and/or ruled out:
1. Fuel pump good
2. not a bad key chip
3. no ECM updates outstanding
4. Fortin says not a remote starter problem (only using remote start in winter)
5. no Check Engine light codes!!!!
6. dealership says not a security system problem. they have no idea what it could be
7. personal mechanic baffled as well
8. unhooked battery and connect both wires with vice grips for 20 mins to "reset" computer. didn't help.

Anyone have similar issues??????

Plan now is to drive as always....and if it happens again....high-tail it to dealership and put on computer ASAP.
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