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Desperate to get a glimpse of the 2013 Viper when it's unveiled at the New York Auto Show tomorrow? Why wait?

Several screen captures have leaked online showing the American supercar in all its shiny red glory. It's expected they're from a video that will be shown during the car's world premiere in Manhattan tomorrow.

Undeniably a Viper, there's certainly some Italian flare in the new car with hints of the Alfa Romeo 8C and the Ferrari 575. Other notable style elements include the large side vents, the large hood scoop, side exhaust and sculpted roof.
See all the 2013 SRT Viper photos at

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Nice! It infuses the old and new (Italian). Not bad.

Can't wait for a shoot out with the new Corvette or even the ZR1 and the Italian competition. Which I know Ferrari is owned by Fiat.
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