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After recently purchasing this car, I noticed some screws missing that secure the quarter panel wheelhouse liner to the bumper panel.

The clips for the screws are there but no screws.

Looking at this drawing, it is not clear which screws I need. I found some screws the fit the clips but they were a bit short, plus this felt liner material doesn't seem strong enough to hold the screws by itself so it seems like something is missing here. Not only that but there are no pre-existing holes in the liner where the screws would go anyway. It's like there is another part missing.

I checked the other side of the car for comparison but the same screws are missing there too.

I went to the local Toyota dealer but they weren't much help really. They did order some screws for me but they couldn't even be sure that they were correct.

I'm still trying to get to the bottom of this. Any help would be appreciated.


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They are Interesting videos but they don't have with my situation.
Actually I am wrong. It might be for mud guards. In order to remove the rear bumper, you would have to take off that bolt that would hold the liner to the bumper but those video's don't show that bolt but rather an inner bolt.

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Those clips look like there were for the mudflaps once applied to that car. I assume this is a picture of the rear wheel. Fronts are plastic. There are two metal bolts with10mm heads one at 6 oclock under the rear bumper rocker and another at 10 oclock that like up the holes in the fender shield ,needed to secure the wheel spash shield to the outside edge of the fender, There are other turn bolt plastic style pieces and push pin style that attatch to the inner and outer wheel well, if there are loose also. Take a look at the other rear wheel for a reference. The 10 oclock may need the plastic nut type fitting like the 6 oclock has or a simple bolt, nut , and washer might work.
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