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I usually get my oil change at Valvoline Instant Oil Change every 10K and get my tires rotated every 5K.

Brakes and tires and oil is the only maintenance I have been doing for the past 6 years since I bought the car at 45K. This car has been amazing as it has never gave me any major issues.

Long story short last few weeks I started seeing engine check light so I took it to dealership, they did a complete check and told me its the gas cap that needs replacement (I paid about $207 to get it done, yes I know I should've got it done somewhere else, but anyhow its done.)

They also recommended based on the milage following, services:
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Cabin Air Filter I can replace myself as I already did it around 85K if I remember correctly.

Want to get your opinion, should seriously consider getting above done? If so, I might goto my own mechanic unless someone recommends to get it done by the dealership.

I do have a long trip coming up where I am driving from Boston to Washington DC next weekend, so want to make sure I don't run into any issues.

Appreciate your response.


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Buy can of Seafoam and pour it, using narrow funnel, into the fuel tank. That's your throttle body and injectors service. And stay away from cheap gas. All major gas brans have cleaning agent in them, what cleans them as you drive.Costco gas, for example.
Go to any library and pull spark plugs replacement page from Chilton for any Camry 4 cyl for your year. Procedure is same for hybrids and not. Basically, you undo 10mm bolt holding ignition pack in place, pull ignition pack out, undo spark plug with plug socket and long 3/8 extension/ratchet, place new plug in, plug ignition pack back in, secure 10mm bolt. Done. Buy DENSO or NGK Ir tipped plugs from any parts store. 40 bucks or something expense.
Google is your friend:
Valve is around 15-20 some basic tools and good flash light
Entire project will cost you about $100. $839 plus tax they can kiss my right foot..
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