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Hi all,

I bought a V6 XLE last year and I am very impressed with the car.
I should have switched to a V6 camry a long time ago.
The transmission feels a little slow to react though, especially when I need to gain speed on the highway.

Anyways, I have decided to allocate some money for performance mods, and was looking for advice.
1. My plan is to start with Tires first.
I am considering these for summer tires: Firestone Firehawk Indy 500. These will cost me under $300, and seem to have very good reviews.
Should I go with the OEM tire size, or can I go for 225/50R17?

2. After that, I was thinking of picking up a set of lighter wheels and was thinking to stay on 17'' rim size.

I've read that these 2 mods will make a significant improvement in handling and acceleration.

Is this a good approach? What should I do after that?
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