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2014 CAMRY engine violently rattles at startup sporadically. All three events it was both colder than 45° or and wet too, here in Michigan. Engine will VIOLENTLY shakes & rattles until it is shut off & restarted. Sounds loud and horrible. First time about 12/28/22 it lasted about 15 seconds untill car was shut off. Soon the car was restarted and it lasted about 20 seconds until car was shutoff. Soon after car was started again with no problem I drove it. On 1/17/23 car upon starting violently rattled engine for 10 seconds until shut off. Soon after I restarted it with no problem. Both days were light to medium rain and 35 to 45° at night. Car is driven every 2 to three days. Just seven days before first event I had spark plugs replaced at about 97,000 miles at dealer. I have an appointment tomorrow 1/19/23 with same dealer to get diagnostic. I do have an extended warranty I purchased for up to 120,000 and twelve years. It is a 2014 Toyota Camry XLE Hybrid four cylinder as sold in July 2014; but I vaguely remember something about its manufacture date being in late December 2013; I will check that. I know there was an old TSB or manufacturer repair bulletin issued for up to 2013 models.
QUESTION: Would that TSB include my 2014 if it was manufactured in 2013?
QUESTION: Who should I submit my observations to in writing by registered mail? The dealer who performed the spark plug replacement, and is doing the diagnostic? And/or TOYOTA USA? And or what government agency that forces recalls or repairs? I am in this car for life.
I have read everything here at BLOG. The closest I can get to the mechanical cause is that the 'VVTi ACTUATOR' is staying stuck during these 3 events. Because of the length of time engine violently rattles, and may continue to do so until shut off or destroys itself. I respectfully insert this old partial post I edited to shorten:
"This valve rattle is not to be confused with another, more serious problem associated with the VVTi which occurs when the VVT actuator gets stuck. It is an intermittent problem that causes a much noisier rattle and the engine will shake violently. It also usually last longer - about 3 to 5 seconds. Unlike the "normal" rattle that occurs every time you start the engine, the "stuck" VVT actuator problem is usually intermittent. It happened once in my wife's car (with a different Toyota engine) at around 20k miles, but never repeated itself until we sold the car with well over 60k miles . . . "
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