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So my son's 2014 Corolla LE Eco had the infamous endless audio head unit reboot. He took it to his local dealer who after charging him $200 for the privilege, advised him that he needed a new head unit for $1300. We tried the usual power down (disconnect battery), but made that made no difference. Downloaded and tried to install the latest software update, but discovered that the USB port had no power when the unit was trying to boot, but when it wasn't trying to boot it would attempt to read the USB before going back into it's reboot loop.

Being of the inquisitive type, I copied the software update files to a spare SD card to see if it would try to read the files from there, but alas no joy. After this, the unit decided it wasn't even going to boot anymore and now just displays an SD card symbol, even with the original card. So Toyota knows this is an issue with these head units and has done absolutely nothing to assist it's customers from what I can see. I own a 2013 Avalon and all I can say is that Toyota's quality has gone to garbage. Both my son and I agree that we will not be purchasing another Toyota again.

The question is what do we replace the head unit with now? We're looking to retain factory functionality i.e. backup camera, HD Radio and car settings. My son isn't concerned with the NAV aspect of it as long as the unit has CarPlay and Android Auto. Ideally, I'd like to replace the unit with a Pioneer. I've searched the forum, but couldn't find anything recommending a specific unit. Can anyone make a recommendation?

Tl,dr: Head unit is screwed, need something to replace it with while retaining OEM functionality.

Thanks in advance.
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