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Dear Members,

Firestone tested my battery as part of the car car package for $9.99 and came up with recommendation to replace my 2015 Corolla Sedan LE Battery.

Battery Results:
Measured: 360 CCA
Rated: 550 CCA
Temperature: 100 deg F
Voltage: 12.55V
Replace Battery - Risk - Maximum

Noticed the battery details:
Model: 28800-0D370 55D23L
Cold Cranking Amps: 356 Amps

1) Firestone noted the rating as 550 CCA and I cannot see that rating anywhere on the Battery. How did they come up with the rating?
2) Is it necessary to replace my battery now as I am not experiencing any issues? I live in Houston, TX which is generally considered hot and humid.

Thanks in advance for all your guidance and suggestions.

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Battery cells will leak over time.

How old is the battery? I live in Phoenix, and already had to replace a 2 yo unit because it was leaking. Got it replaced under warranty.

The most effective way is to use a dmm and measure voltage across the negative and positive terminal. By putting a load on the battery, voltage should climb up because of the charge from the alternator.

The battery is only used to help start the car and then the alternator takes over. Alternator will recharge the battery.
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