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2015 sequoia Platinum

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I am thinking about purchasing a 2015 Platinum with 148k miles for 19000 I went to Toyota to have it checked out everything checked out good except it will need the 150k service and an alignment. They said the air bags are not leaking or sagging but as i was driving on the highway it felt like it was bouncy on comfort setting.
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Cool - did they check for the notorious 'cam tower leak'? I don't think its the end of the world if one has it, just good to know in advance. Here's a post from tundras, same engine/layout from cab foward. As you can see it strikes up quite a bit of chatter....

BTW my '15 sequoia i bought last year w/70k has no signs of it, yet....doubt i would ever fix it unless it was dumping 2+ quarts/ 5k miles....
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