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I asked about the update and the dealership refused to install it unless I was having issues with random reboots.

It does a lot more than just fix random reboots, there a laundry list of fixes and even improvements.

Swiping feature inoperative on APPs or Setup screens.

Meijer Department Store is intermittently pronounced “Mee-jer”.

Number of transferred contacts is not updated.

Slacker Radio skips 2 songs when using steering wheel controls.

Starting Pandora via Voice Recognition is intermittently inoperative.

Transitioning from BT Audio to Entune, no sound is output (iPhone and Android).

FM mode will show the incorrect number of available stations intermittently.

Voice Recognition will not start intermittently.

Audio is intermittently not displayed on the home screen.

Rumbling sound when no audio is playing.

Intermittent “Message list could not be loaded” is displayed when retrieving messages.

Audio information does not match between the Head Unit and Instrument Cluster.

Instrument Cluster has incorrect display of XM channels.

Panoramic camera view is intermittently inoperative.

Scout voice guidance has rear speakers muted.

USB Audio Playback resets after key cycle.

Missing Bluetooth Audio Information from instrument cluster MID.

Long street names are not indicated when using turn by turn directions.

Abnormal navigation routing.

“Toyota Park Assist Settings” Button displayed in the setting menu.

Unable to call phone numbers with “-present in the number.

Unable to send SMS via the Quick Message feature.

Abnormal BT Audio Playback when inserting and removing the iPhone USB cable

from the USB port.

Unable to play audio from iPhone connected via USB when 2 phones are connected

via Bluetooth at the same time.

Intermittent “Browse” button operation in Bluetooth Audio.

Hands Free sound quality improvement.

Screen flickers when switching between day and night modes.

Abnormal Pandora operation when switching between 2 iPhones.

Intermittent rebooting.

Diagnostic code U1110 or B15E6 is present.

Diagnostic screen is displayed intermittently.

Weather Map is inoperative.

“Unable to connect to server” displayed when using voice recognition and searching

for “IHOP”.

Abnormal panoramic view monitor operation.

Other visual and usability enhancements.

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I asked about the update and the dealership refused to install it unless I was having issues with random reboots.
I got the same response from the dealer when I asked for the update during my 10,000 mile service. I told them that the TSB had a list of things that were corrected besides the reboot problem. Finally they did the update, "as a one-time courtesy."

Taking a look at the versions of software on the entune system, all except "operating system" show the new CU.20.26 version. The operating system still shows the original CU.20.17 version. Does anyone know if this is correct?
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