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2016 HL Entune Bluetooth

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I bought a new Galaxy A50 phone and since then my bluetooth, entune radio will connect and disconnect constantly. So aggravating especially when I am speaking to someone via bluetooth. I checked for an update for my entune w/o navigation but there is none. Not sure to tell if the present software version needs to be updated as it is the original version from when I purchased the vehicle new. Questions: Is there a place that I can go to see if my present software version has been updated and has anyone else had the same issue with there bluetooth connecting and disconnecting. My original phone never had this issue. Maybe the phone? HELP!
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This site Includes procedure to update and check SW version ...
Unfortunately, I have been to that site and it only tells you rather there has been an update or not. It doesn't tell you rather the version you have now is up to date. I would think that Entune would have had an update since 2016?
I have a 2016 HL and downloaded the SW from that site, I went through the procedure as it did perform an upgrade on my Entune system. At the end of the upgrade, it also shows from which SW version the system was on and what was upgraded to...
I should have mentioned which entune radio I have in my HL. It's the one without the navigational system.
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