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2017 Corolla SE side mirror turn indicator lights not working

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Hi there,

I realized that the side mirror turn indicator lights on my corolla don't seem to be working when I use my blinkers.
The only time I see them light up is when I lock and unlock my car.

Any ideas?

Is this a setting based problem?

Thank you!
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The blinking circuit is likely done when you turn the switch on.

Have you tried changing the bulb yet? Is this on both sides or just one?

This is for both sides.

Do you really think it's the bulbs?
I haven't changed them...

They seem to work fine when I lock and unlock my car...
Its similar to your parking light and turn signal bulb. When one side of the bulb breaks, the other side still functions until it breaks. It is a combo bulb. 2 functions in one bulb.
from what i can find (almighty google) that turn light on your mirrors is a single fillament bulb. and the bulb itself isn't changeable. beler Side Mirror Indicator Turn Signal Light Lamp fit for Toyota Camry Avalon Corolla Prius C 81730-02140 (Fulfilled by Amazon): Automotive
is one example i could find.
i'm guessing if it is a 1 fillament bulb, then when you unlock your doors and the other turning lights blink along with the side lights, the bulbs are good and something else is the problem.

question. when i am sitting in my car and use the turn signals, i do not see the side mirror signals blink, but when my mirrors are folded, i see them when i signal. dumb question, but have you had someone stand there and watch to see if they aren't working when you throw the switch?
since your car is within 3 yrs and under mileage, you should have the dealer take a look under warranty..
hopefully i'm not sounding like a jerk. it is hard when typing to not sound one way or anohter.
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