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Step, push, lift; step, pull, lift. Like walking, you find a rhythm driving the 2017 Honda Civic Si, even while furiously rowing its stubby, metal-trimmed gear selector and pumping the feather-light clutch.

Like other Honda shifters, the one controlling this reborn performance compact’s manual transmission is a piece of art. Light and precise, it glides from gate to gate, seemingly devoid of any friction, making it an absolute pleasure to use. There’s also a constant-mesh, helically cut reverse gear that eliminates the annoying whine Hondas used to make while backing up.

But praising this Japanese automaker’s shifters is merely stating the obvious, akin to saying soy sauce is salty or economy air travel uncomfortable. It’s quintessential.

Aside from this outstanding driver-interface element, there’s plenty more to love about the new Honda Civic Si, from its rapid acceleration and sporty steering to impressive fuel economy and value pricing, more than enough upsides to offset any of its minor shortcomings.
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