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Just creating a post to give moral support to anyone considering changing their 3rd gen HL sparkplugs. With a decent set of 1/4" and 3/8" drive metric sockets, a low range torque wrench and moderate skills and experience working on cars you should be able to change your plugs in around three hours, taking your time. I recommend first watching the 20 minute YouTube video made by The Car Care Nut for the general procedure and a few hints to make it go smoothly. I bought all my parts (six spark plugs, intake plenum gasket, throttle body gasket) at a Toyota dealer for $148, but you can pay less if you shop around on the internet, just stick to OEM parts. The dealer quoted me $560 to do a spark plug replacement, so you can save a little more than $400 by doing it yourself. A few pics follow:

Apparently I have been hosting a mouse Airbnb, as this is what I found when I removed the plastic engine cover. Fortunately the mice had not yet chewed any of the wiring under the cover.
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The one tricky hidden bolt you have to loosen is at the rear of the intake plenum below and to the right of the throttle body opening. Here are two pics to help you identify it.
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Here is a shot of the plugs removed (and a new one for comparison) showing minimal wear after 61,000 miles. All gaps were between .029-.030" so there was no measurable wear of the electrodes, since the new plug gap spec is .028-.031". The plugs were also fairly clean, with no carbon buildup or oil fouling.
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I was a bit hesitant to do this job initially, but it was not a difficult job. A step stool will help you to reach the rear plugs more easily. I recommend you take photos of stuff before you disassemble it to make sure you replace everything correctly and just take your time.


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