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2020 Toyota Highlander Platinum
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I put down $1,000 on a 2020 Highlander Hybrid XLE back in Jan with the best deal I could get at the time from the four dealers within a reasonable distance. The dealer I went with gave me a $1,000 off MSRP - the second offered $500 off MSRP - the third wanted MSRP - the last didn't want to commit. I know I should have waited a few months for a better deal but I'm selling my 2017 HH to my daughter at a bargain basement price as the 2007 Altima Hybrid I sold them back in 2011 is on it's last legs. The hybrid components still work fine but the other systems are failing fast and they drive my grand children around with it so I wanted to do asap.

The dealer who didn't want to commit posted last week that they were asking $3,997 off MSRP so I called immediately as even if I forfeited my down payment with the first dealer I would still end up way ahead.

Well guess what - they suddenly discovered that a mistake was made and that the $3,997 discount was wrong and they would fix. They re-posted and now it's the same as my deal I originally made. I even did a little better than the $1,000 discount as there were options from the port that I didn't want and they just reduced the price but still included. Also I'm getting the $750 cash by taking the minimum loan and paying off.

Picking up the new HH on Monday.

Here's the first and second posting by Westboro Toyota with their price correction:

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241 - 243 of 243 Posts