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2020 Voltage Leak or Bad Battery batch?

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Just bought a 2020 Camry (not hybrid). Had to jump start it 2 weeks ago and it drove fine, then this morning battery is dead again and wont accept jump.

Battery tested bad today, and I will get it replaced but am wondering if I should still bring it in to see if there is an alternator issue or voltage leak -- and obviously checking forums to see if either issue is known for the 2020's.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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Should be covered under warranty. Dealer should be able to rectify the problem and give you the reason why it failed.
Sometimes a battery can fail due to structural failure or compromise of the 6 internal cells, which are made from plastic (so that they don't interfere with the chemistry of the lead acid battery). It is possible that is what happened to your battery, due to vibration and heat from the engine or ambient temperature. The battery could have been damaged or weakened even before it got put in the car.

Hopefully, that is the problem, otherwise you may have an electrical short somewhere that is hard to find.
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