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2021 Corolla Hatchback SE
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Hey folks, I'm looking to turn my daily hatchback into a fun little corner monster. Full Cusco suspension minus the sway bars, Eibach sway bars, BC coilovers, Willwood front brakes, Tom's racing brake lines, Motegi Track Lite 18x9.5, 2J racing intake/race mid-pipe/axle-back and mufflers, A25A FKS intake, TB spacer, AMT complete tune package, GGP engine mount(s), Seibon vented hood and wing, Tom's fender flares if I go wider tires, maybe the ducktail, TRD bumper package and front bumper from japan (Apexi as far as I know), Tom's rear diffuser, Project MU pads (rear caliper if anyone knows the size), few other bits and pieces like TRD locknuts, I have a TRD shifter for the camry, just waiting for a boot, custom TRD corolla mats like the camry, and a few other cosmetics to tie this tribute together, after 15K from Harry's we'll be 0-60 in a few blinks! If anyone has had success or troubles with some of these parts, or have something to add or recommend avoiding, the knowledge would be greatly appreciated! Just making a fun daily but not cheaping out with Amazon deals... Thanks guys!

P.s. this isn't an overnight build! I'm making a plan and breaking down the prices to have this complete with a couple years. I have a real project truck that needs major tlc!
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