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2022/2023 Corolla SE Sedan vs. 2022/2023 Corolla SE Hatchback

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I know the Corolla SE Sedan cost more than the Corolla SE Hatchback and is a larger car than the hatchback with much more cargo space.

Does this mean the Sedan is going to have a better more quiet ride as well as comfortable ride over the hatchback model on real world roads?

Both of these cars have the same 2.0 169 HP engine.
What are the performance specifications differences between these two cars with different bodystyles with the same engine?
Weight differences?

CVT vs. 6 spd. manual transmission performance?
I can drive either transmission but which transmission is going to be more reliable, with less problems and last longer? The CVT has been on the Corolla since 2018 and is warrantied by Toyota for 5 years. So now what does the test of time say about the Toyota CVT transmission?

Which Corolla SE between the Sedan and Hatchback will be more reliable, better comfortable ride with less road noise/engine noise?
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