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I've had several Honda products and currently driving my first Toyota. My GF has had 2 Camrys and her mother has had 2 Avalons so I have experience with both brands.

Honda, hands down, makes better 4 cylinder engines. Reliability wise Toyota is fine but they can't compete with Honda's refinement. Where the 2AR in my Camry sounds harsh at redline, the Honda K series engine is silky smooth.

Toyota and Honda V6s are equal in my opinion. They're both smooth, powerful and refined. I do find that Toyota V6s are more fuel efficient than Hondas.

Toyota transmissions are noticeably smoother in operation than Hondas. You can feel when a Honda goes into drive or reverse but can't feel anything in a Toyota.

Toyota audio systems sound better than Honda. Toyota base models sound as good as Honda's premium systems. But Honda's interfaces are easier to use than Toyota.

Hondas have better build quality and interior materials, compared to the newer Toyotas. My GF Mom's 2002 Avalon was much better built (tight panel gaps, Lexus quality materials and no rattles) than my Camry, my GF 2018 Camry and her current 2014 Avalon.

Toyotas have better HVAC systems. My Camry has the coldest A/C I've ever had in a car, even better than my Ford truck. And if there is one thing Americans do well is A/C and heat so that says a lot.

I have a Camry SE and it doesn't ride as soft and floaty as Toyotas used to but at the same time it doesn't handle as well as a Honda Accord.

With that said you can't go wrong with either one.
1 - 2 of 40 Posts