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20V or Smallport 16v

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I have a Silvertop 20V engine/trans and complete harness(no fuse box). I was going to do the install in my 89 GTS. I just bought a black 91 GTS with a smallport red top to fix up for the summer. should i get the rest of the parts for the 20V swap or refresh the Smallport. I was told they are close in power + cams, just as powerfull? What should i do?:confused:
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Either install the 20V, get Ryan to do the wiring for you and go from there OR do up the smallport, buy a MAP sensor kit from Ryan (10hp more) cams, exhaust, and sell me the 20V. :D
rebuild kits for the 4age aren't that expensive and it would be easier to sell ren the 20v and fix up the 16v and shove it back into a car it came out of :)
i gave you an answer on corollacustomz......
browner... 20V then boost later!

corollacustomz.. what's that??? :ugh3: I don't even go there anymore. :)
ok.... fine

at worst, rebuild the smallport 16V.... strip the itb's off of the silvertop, go with an aftermarket ecu which is either MAP or alpha-n based.... you will have a cool, reliable setup that you can get parts for... AND it will produce more power than the silvertop
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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