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20v swap what fuel line

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I am in the middle of a 20v blacktop swap right now. I was wondering what fuel line you all have used from the fuel filter to the fuel rail since this rail's inlet seems to be on the other side of the engine towards the tranny.
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I'm using the stock 20V fuel line that came on my engine (cut) to an 86-91 rx7 fuel filter (has a hose nipple instead of a banjo bolt fitting)

or you could use AN fittings to do the same job, I'm in the middle of converting my rx7's entire fuel system to -6 AN fittings.
i used the factory fuel line.

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rdyzz Yours seems to be much shorter than mine. Mine is long enough to go to the other side of the engine bay and does not have the angled metal ending. Did you have a small port in your originally? Mine was a big port. eage8 The one that came with my swap was cut short and not usable. I guess I will have to make a custom line.
I think rdyzz meant he used the factory blacktop fuel line (I guess his wasn't cut) found these to adapt -6an hoses to the stock fuel rail. Connecting to this not sure if this will clear the hanger mount though.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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