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20x8.5 & 245/40/20 no drop 07SE?

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I've looked around but can't find this setup on the board. How will 20x8.5 wtih 245/40/20 fit with a 40 offset and no drop on an 07 SE? I looked at rims-n-tires, but I am curious if it would rub? It looks like width wise they should fit flush and they will be taller than stock. Will they rub and will they fill the wheel well out nicely or too much? Thanks in advance.
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It will rub, don't do it. Go with 245-35-20.
Here's a buddy of mine. 20x8.5, +38 offset 245/35-20. Plus he's lowered on TRD springs.
Thanks guys. There was a set on ebay, so that is the only reason I was considering it. Thanks lammy for always helping us out!
click on my cardomain site below for pics with 245/35 and no drop.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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