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22r, 5sp, transfer swap

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I have a 79 4x4 pickup that has a busted transfer, and engine.
I also have a 22R with a 5sp tranny and a working transfer that needs to be put in. Problem is i don't know if the 20R intake and Exhaust manifolds are compatible with the 22R. I know the swap can't be that hard, but theres just minor things that i'm not too sure if they have to be modified. I think the engine mounts are in the same place. So if anyone knows anything about doing this swap it would be of great help.
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this is for a 22r engine:
head set part # from advance auto: Fel Pro HS21187PT1


this is for a 20r engine:
head set part # from advance auto: Fel Pro HS8807PT


if you go to the part store you might be able to see if the head gaskets have the same pattern then you can switch heads over.
hope this helps
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I believe the exhaust is compatible, but the intake is not.

And no, you cannot just swap heads! Yes the head gasket is the same, but deck height is different.

It is possible to put a 20r head onto a 22r block - in fact it is desirable - but this opens up its own can of worms. You would need an early '84 22r block to mate with the head (blocks changed mid '84) then get the appropriate pistons..............the list goes on. But it can be done - the 20r head is said to breathe better and gives better power.

Intake for a 22r should be easy to find.

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