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my trucks choke is sticking atleast i think it runs high and ruff and you can kick the idle down when it first starts after siting all night. it will backfire when you let of the gas or down shift and shoot flames out the tail pipe then if you shut it off when its warm it will keep running after you take out the key and it will run for 5 seconds on it own then you start it up and it runs fine. no backfireing idles smooth. i know it cant be carbon on top of the pistons causeing it to keep running because i poured seafoam down the carb when it was running. i eased a half can of seafoam down it and kept it running with my hand. i was wondering if it is hard on my motor to run like that when its cold. and what can i do to fix it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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