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I have a 1995 4-Runner with a 22R-E engine and 224 000 KM which I bought one year ago and the spark plugs had 50 000 KM and were 5 years old so according to owner's and service manual it was time to change them, they only had a light carbon build up on them.

According to owner's manual for this 1995 it states it's normal for oil consumption when driving on the highway as opposed to city miles, my old 1985 4-Runner with 22R-E's owner's manual never said anything. I have almost 5000 KM on this oil change interval and my oil level dipstick is almost at the "L" or low mark, is this normal engine consumption? I don't see blue smoke at start up or underload. About 40% of the past 5000 KM were about highway speeds and I am running 5W30 regular oil but summer is coming so I am going to swich to 10W30.

Conclusion is this normal engine consumption? or is the oil level dipstick supposed to be at the max or "F" like shortly after oil changes?. I don't have any visual leaks. Thanks.

Dartmouth,Nova Scotia
1995 Toyota 4-Runner, 22R-E, G52 with 235 000 KM
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