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Howdy all-

I've got an 82 pickup that's started making a strange squealing noise from the front of the engine. At first I thought it was just a loose fan belt, so I installed a new fan belt and tighened up to specs, but the noise was the same. After consulting the idiot guide, I figured it must be the alternator bearings. So I replaced the alternator, and the squeal was still there. I tried running the truck with the belt off, and no squeal. So, I figured it's got to be something with the water pump/belt/alternator (I don't have AC or power steering). I just replaced the water pump last year, and I've never heard that kind of sound coming from a bum water pump, but then again I'm not really a master mechanic. I figured that was the next part to swap out, but I'd rather not do it unless I'm sure that's the problem. Anybody have any advice for me?

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